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Jane Barthès’ world is big and wild and full of unknowns. But, therein lies the beauty. Barthès’ art grapples with the concept of relationships between all things; the ebb and flow between matter and energy, the clash between chaos and order, and the human struggle to find clarity and create harmony in a world filled with uncertainty. Moreover, Barthès has always been fascinated by the concept of space, carving into it and taming it to find order in its infinity.

Barthès was born in Nigeria to a fiery and passionate Catalan, French father and a reserved English mother; this inherited duality has strongly impacted her work as an artist from the start. “I am a good survivor,” Barthès says. “I have turned my world upside down many times”. Those conscious acts of self-implosion may have at one time seemed random, but have become reflective of her artistic point of view. “My desire to demystify what is scary and unfamiliar and make it a part of my personal evolution has clearly informed my work.”

Barthès has lived many lives around the globe, trekking across the African continent as well as China and other developing countries before attending Wimbledon School of Art, University of London. Following graduation in 1994, she left the UK, to spend a decade living and working in the South of France where she established herself as an abstract artist in London and France while also teaching life drawing and designing sets for the theatre.

In 2005, curiosity and a desire for change lead her to travel to New Mexico, US, where the extremes of the desert inspired her work for five years before the recession set in. Still fascinated by relationships – though this time human ones – Barthès moved to Chicago to pursue a Masters from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2009 at the Jane Adams School of Social Work. She became a therapist focusing in Emergency Services. “My background in asking questions, acting with curiosity and empathy, and my lifelong pursuit of finding order in chaos equipped me for my work as a therapist more than one might expect.”

Currently, Barthès is back in her Chicago studio full time, working on her exploration of her “molecules” that make up matter and energy.

BA with Honors in Painting from the London Wimbledon Art School, UK 1994
Masters of Social Work, Jane Adams School of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago, US 2013

Europe 1994 – 2004
Solo Shows
Le Variétés, Sommières, France
L’Entrepôt, Uzès, France
Cork Street Gallery, Cork Street, London
Group Shows
The Harrodian, London
Red Box Association, Provence, France

USA, 2005 – 2009
Solo Shows
2005 – Tadu, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2007 – Gallery Sklo, Atlanta, Georgia
2007 – Jalu Gallery, Sayulita, Mexico
Group Shows
2006 – Tadu, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2007 – Tadu, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2008 – Salon Mar Graff, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Solo Shows
“Molecules of Drawing”, Echt Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

Group Shows
“Dynamic”, Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA
Art Fairs
Boca Contemporary Art Fair, Boca Raton, FL

Solo Shows
Kit and Ace Designs INC., Chicago, Illinois
Group Shows
Bridgeport Art Center – 5th Annual Art Competition, Chicago, Illinois – juried
Space 900 – Unpresidented: Art in Common Cause, Evanston, Illinois
Patterned Universes – Hinsdale, Illinois
South Shore Arts 74th Annual Salon Show, Munster, Indiana – juried

Solo Shows
Gridz – Curated by Artisit, Chicago, Illinois
McGarry Bowen – Advertising Company, Chicago, Illinois
Group Shows
Stripes, Group Show – bG Gallery, Santa Monica, California

Solo Shows
Fermilab – December 2018 thru February 2019
737 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL – June thru September 2019

Work held in private collections
UK – London, Wimbourne and the Bundes Bank
France – Paris, Nîmes, Montpellier
Germany – Landau
USA – Scottsdale, AZ; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA; Santa Fe, NM; NYC, New York; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL

Articles and Essays
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February 2017 – Art Maze Mag Launch Issue 1, Featured Artist

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